Solix Dawnbrace


Barbarian (civilized farm community)
Age 27, Human Male
Background: Folk Hero
6’4" tall
STR 18
DEX 16
CON 18
INT 12
WIS 15
CHA 16
AC 17 (Unarmored or Armored) or 20 (with Shield)
Ini +3
Spd 30
HP 71
Warhammer of Efficiency +1 (ignored resistance)
Battleaxe, Spears, Daggers
Feats – Brutal Grip & Heavy Armor Master


The Rising Star of Solix Dawnbrace

Solix was born and raised outside the Wall of Port Doom. The outskirts of the city, the Rimkin, is a major source of food for the city, and as such, needed farmers, herders and even some to protect the working class from incursions from the outlying areas. The City Guard was officially tasked with defending these parts, but barring a patrol in the area, these threats were seldom handled during the first incursion. That left the Rimmers to find able members of their own to form makeshift militia groups, or at least fast responders to threats. While these militia members were never as well armored as the Guard was, the Rimmers would donate pieces of armor or weapons that they found, and equip their rag tag militia as well as possible.

The challenges that the militia would be called on usually dealt with wild animals or small groups of bandits, but on one occasion a large warg approached and attacked one of the outer farms. A call was raised, and the militia ran out to defend. After a long fight that a young man named Solix grabbed the warg’s jaw and kept it from being able to bite anyone else, the militia was able to put down the beast as the City Guard approached. The Guard confiscated not only the Warg, but a number of the weapons and armor pieces used, as being “stolen” as they farmers should not have had access to them. Rumors had the Guard claiming the kill, and using the fresh blood on the weapons as proof. But that was life in the Rimkin.

This would happen from time to time, but the Guard felt if the Rimmers had enough to arm themselves, they should be paying higher “taxes” to offset the Guards need to “clean up after them”. This led to bitter feelings between the militia and the Guards. After all, if the Guards had a better presence in the Rimkin, there wouldn’t be a need for the Militia.

After a few more incidents, the Guards, led by Sheriff Fadington, started to push and shove the group of Militia telling them they were to blame for the incidents and incursions. When Deputy Gerard Hawk put his blade against the youngest in the group’s neck, an argument erupted, and a slip caused Hawk to slay the lad. The Militia took arms against the Guards, led by an enraged Solix, who using his crude hammer, smashed the Sheriff’s horse, and another well placed blow, slew the Sheriff. Hawk, seeing this, beat a hasty retreat while the rest of the guards took care of the Militia. Solix turned his fury on the remaining Guards. When the combat was over, only Solix remained.

The villagers who witnessed this, were able to calm Solix down and convince him to run from here. Klyn suggested joining the Grand Caravan’s security force, as it was getting ready to depart, and that would get him out of town safely. When the recruiter looked up to Solix, there was no hesitation in the hiring of him. The Caravan left at dawn the next day.

Life on the road was fairly easy for Solix. As a member of the Militia, he still had to do farmwork. Here he frequently got to ride on one wagon or another, and be called on to help defend the Caravan from similar incursions, although sometimes more organized. Most on the Caravan learned quickly that Solix was not one to be trifled with. Solix was fascinated by story tellers, especially ones who told of places away from Port Doom. Grandor was a wonderful yarn spinner, although Solix doesn’t remember seeing him in the Caravan until after several cities. If he didn’t belong, they wouldn’t feed him, although he always started a tale on the way to the chow line with Solix, and the cooks never complained.

Grandor would chat with an elven booksmith, named Galinnden, who was also from Port Doom. He seemed to be a part of the caravan to prove himself to someone, maybe even himself. He’s done some minor tricks, and Grandor seems to like him, so he’s okay in Solix’s book. Maybe that makes Solix a booksmith too. The three would usually be in a similar location in the Caravan when it was needed to be defended, so they came to trust each other some.

Solix remembered an event, that Grandor tells much better about a Spider the size of one wagons descended upon Galinnden, and we had to act quickly to save him. The Spider’s poison was enough to slay a dragon according to Grandor, so as Solix pressed the attack, he deftly dodged the Spiders venomous ways. Solix doesn’t remember it being that big, but Grandor is a dwarven cleric, and those guys know their stuff.

As the Caravan arrived back at Port Doom, Solix started to feel a sense of dread, he had changed quite a bit in the years since his leaving, maybe he wouldn’t be noticed and he could live quietly, maybe even within the walls. As the Caravan entered the Rimkin, several children ran up to him and asked if he was Solix the Protector. These are children who have been told stories of him. Maybe he needs to keep his head down a bit better. Grandor had been told something about a Green Anchor in the city that needs checking out, maybe being deep inside the city will afford him some privacy.

Solix Dawnbrace

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