A pirate who spends a lot of time on land . . .


Born Ghenevieve Falconhall in the wealthy area of Port Doom, the girl who would become Raven started as a middle child of a powerful family tasked with raising armies for the city. As the third child of four to Lord Fhoster and Larola Ravenhall, there were never high expectations for her and as fate would have it, Ghenevieve would deliver exactly that.

It was expected that Ghenevieve would some day become an asset for the family, either that she could be married off to another noble family or, in the alternate, she would join the ranks of the rangers that the Falconhalls bankrolled for city protection. However, in her youth, she befriended a distant cousin who was near her age, Margaret Fletcher (later known as ‘Magpie’).

Whereas Ghenevieve and Margaret were very different people, with far different backgrounds, Ghenevieve credits Margaret with instilling in her a spirit of adventure and excitement. The two were friendly as youths but Ghenevieve soon began to learn more than Margaret’s spirit of adventure. She began to learn far more useful skills, such as guile, boldness and a disdain for authority.

Whereas Ghenevieve’s siblings, Sharka Ravenhall, Fhoster Ravenhall and Shorcha Ravenhall all began to fit into their roles in the family and society, Ghenevieve continued to be a wild child, often getting into trouble by teaching other noble children to gamble, pick locks and get in and out of rooms they shouldn’t. It was around this time when Ghenevieve first met Argile Stonefall, a noble boy with whom she was fond, not knowing that their paths would cross yet again later in life.

Ghenevieve never felt truly she was in the right place. Cousin Margaret, who fostered the wild spirit in her own desire to break outside the bonds of self-imposed oppression by the nature of being nobility made her despondent and distant, other than some of the shady characters to whom she came into contact. And when her older brother, Fhoster, was engaged, at a very young age to the princess Eloise Delphine Clarint of Aria, what little time there had been for Ghenevieve and her younger sister, Shorcha, all but disappeared. As children, Ghenevieve truly resented and disliked Eloise, as the two girls fought, bickered and told on each other. But as they got slightly older, they became somewhat closer, unaware that as the years would pass, take them both on different paths, that their lives would return to one another and they would be closer than anyone else could be.

However, as soon as Ghenevieve became of age to confidently pass as an adult (or at the least, a teen boy), she took some meager possessions and fled the estate. After years of watching the ships come in and out of Port Doom, she decided the best way to get away from her past was to board a ship and get to Port Peril or Port Plunder where true adventured awaited. It was there that she quickly made the acquaintance of Captain Arlen, ‘Barracuda’ Darkwind, aboard the Filthy Lucre. She changed her name from Ghenevieve and took on the moniker, ‘Raven,’ in honor of the street name her cousin Margaret had taken, ‘Magpie.’

Working on board the Filthy Lucre was an eye opening experience for Raven and one she was not fully prepared for. The life of a sailor on a ship filled with ne’er-do-wells and vile cutthroats is not exactly what she thought it would be. And she quickly discovered that the ship she had signed on for was not a simple cargo vessel but was, instead, a pirate vessel that plundered whatever they wanted from the merchant marine. Part of this disgusted her but another part of her was thrilled by the danger and excitement.

But over the few years she worked on board, her dedication became clear and her passion, focus and drive became unrivaled. Captain Darkwind saw something in her and elevated her to his first mate. But this became a dark honor, indeed, as the Captain put her through physical abuses that to this day Raven does not speak of. In order to cope, Raven turned to heavy drinking as well as a harsh attitude to go with it to the point that when they would make appearances in Port Plunder or Port Peril, she would become involved in debauched drinking contests, barroom brawls, underground pit fighting and whoring with in some of the most notorious of places, taking on conquests of men and women, hardening herself to the realities of what she was facing.

As the years progressed, Raven became the most valuable member of the ship’s crew, next to Captain Darkwind, himself. It was then that he brought her into his inner circle, even of that beyond the importance of the crew. He informed her of the existence of a select group of adventurers he worked with, ’Doom’s Chosen,’ who consisted of a variety of powerful figures, each with their own apprentice. The Captain wanted Raven to be his. Reluctantly, she accepted, for the only reason that she suspected this would eventually be a way out from underneath his heel. She knew that his public persona was that of a charming roguish captain, and not that of the harsh psychopath that he was truly was.

It was at this point that she met the rest of the members of Doom’s Chosen, including the dashing and charismatic Prince Seth Clarint, a man she had met years ago but now, under these circumstances, she saw him in a far different light, and he, her. And the fact that he was the father of her soon-to-be-sister-in-law was even better. Secretly, Raven and Prince Seth began a secret relationship that the Prince insisted she speak to nobody about.

Other members of Doom’s Chosen were an interesting lot – the sinister Pinnacle Deprix and his apprentice, the wizard, Guxes. Then there was the eccentric dwarven priest, Reverend Yne O’Rhas and his acolyte, Barakas. Interesting, the Princess Eloise was a mamber of the group, working with her father, something that shocked Raven. But as fate would have it, a renown hero, Merrick, was a member of Doom’s chosen. What was remarkable was his assistant, Raven’s dear cousin, Magpie. Finally, a talented bard rounded out the group, Miranda Banemourn, and her daughter, were members of Doom’s Chosen, as well.

As a group, the band was fairly effective, everyone bringing in their own talents and experience to the group. But while Raven was involved in her secret affair with Prince Clarint, a man would would likely never truly accept her, she found herself looking for more unhealthy relationships and that is when she began a tumultuous romance with Guxes, a a satisfying but unhealthy relationship that would last until his untimely death.

Working with Doom’s Chosen ended up being a mixed blessing for Raven. Whereas she had the opportunity to meet and work with people who eventually became dear friends, there was little opportunity for her to return to the sea. Instead, she began plying her trade on the land – developing underworld connections, learning the streets and becoming an accomplished cutpurse, gambler, bouncer, debt collector and even, for a short time, a pit fighter (albeit not a good one). But things changed when her parents realized the close connection she was gaining with El.

Summoned to Falconhall Manor the demand placed on her was, to her family, simple: keep El safe and out of danger as she was to be the wife of her brother, Fhoster. This placed a great deal of stress on Raven as she had made several public complaints about her family but somewhere, deep down inside, she believed in them, valued their relationship and knew that family connections were blood and were for life. So watching El would now be a new task with which she would have to contend.


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