Croven Shadefoot

A half-serving of visciousness.


Croven Shadefoot is a piece of shit.

I don’t mean “a bad person, even for a halfling,” piece of shit. I mean “Besmara! What did I step in that smells so awful,” piece of shit. The kind of shit that made it’s way onto the rug before you notice it’s stuck to your shoe. By the time you realize how truly awful he is, it’s too late to do anything except start scraping.

I don’t know anyone who think he’s worth the air he breathes – even the other Shadefoots (Shadefeet?) hate him. Some wish he were dead (so that they could take his place), some want him out of the way (because the feud with Boatmen was because of Croven), and the rest just wish he would leave them alone (because his vicious streak has started to affect the new recruits).

Croven is, very literally, Mama Shadefoot’s favorite son. This isn’t because Croven is particularly likeable, but because he’s killed many of his siblings and there are a lot fewer sons for Mama to favor.

His last known location was one of the safehouses the Shadefeet use as a method to distribute their poisons. But after the attack, he’s certain to have gone home to Mama Shadefoot: a place called Shadefoot Shelter.


Croven Shadefoot

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