Wyrd Tales in Port Doom

After a long absence...

Events in Port Doom had finally become… complicated.

Grandor was dead – lost in some strange elven ritual. Galinddan was banished – victim of the same ritual that took his dwarven friend. Solix had been a little too successful in supporting the sidestreets he called home, and old enemies searched the alleyways in the shadow of the Wall.
Even the addition of Cogwin – one of Solix’s old acquaintances, and a welcome addition to the group – didn’t lift the big man’s spirits.

The young ladies hadn’t fared much better. The raid on the bar they called home had hit them harder than expected, and the loss of Raven’s “favorite drinkin’ mug” made the young captain seeth even more than usual. Worst, El – under the gentle and beguiling hand of Argyle – had begun to question her realtionship with her fiery tempered companion.

It was time for a change of scenery. It was time for something less complicated. It was time to dig out an old map and hit the Innersea in search of treasure and fame.

The only problem? Between them they had one map. An island named “Dread.”



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