Wyrd Tales in Port Doom


Port Doom.

Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? But for most of us – the half a million Doomed that live here – it’s just home. We raise our children, work hard, and celebrate often. In fact, the Festival of Rains is just next week – you should come by my stall on the east end of Market Street, if you make it out of the Foreign Quarter. No one in Port Doom has better sausages.

Most of all, it’s safe. Safe from the Hunters, safe from the Wildjacks, safe from Devil Dogs: just safe. Sure, we have problems – the taxes, the Rats – but dealing with those things is better than being out there.

The Chosen? Well, i guess they’re an exception. When the Sisterhood comes calling – no, when the Sisterhood knows your name – it’s not like you can refuse. We might call ourselves “the Doomed,” in jest, but the Chosen? They are the real thing – Doomed by Fate to save us all.

I hear they’ve been talking about retirement – wanting to pass the torch along to younger folk.

I sure hope those kids are up to the tasks. If not, Port Doom might live up to it’s name.

Wyrd Tales in Port Doom is a D&D 5e Campaign set in and around a fantasy megacity . Follow a group of apprentices as they inherit the legacy of their mentors, and attempt to fill some very, very big shoes.

Wyrd Tales in Port Doom

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