A mysterious tiefling with designs on the Green Anchor


“Sift” wants the Green Anchor – and she wants it bad.

Her first attempt involved a straight attempt to buy the property, but only after “waylaying” (actually seducing) Guxes in order to make certain he would be away when the offer was made. Obviously, something about the warlock made her nervous.

Another attempt was made soon after – an ornate scheme involving taking legal ownership of the Anchor using forgotten taxes. The attempt was done under an alias – Sabine Vornay – while Sift herself was somehow disguised as a human with golden blond hair, but with the same familiar face. To occupy the Anchor’s residents (who raced around trying to navigate the bureaucratic nightmare she had created), she:

  • Managed to bribe minor officials to delay the tax notices until the day before payment was due
  • Burned down the Publican building the day before that
  • Charmed a dozen people (both low-born and those in the middle-class) to stop the payment from being made
  • Armed one of the dozen with a powerful (but dangerous) magic sword – one of the Seven (Cursed) Blades – with the intent to destroy her enemies from within
  • When that failed, hired a street gang to ambush those same enemies
  • And finally tried to outright bribe the remaining officials at the Publican house to ignore payment

Sift was obviously determined, but also unwilling to work directly against her antagonists.

She tried again within days – this time supporting one of the many teams in city-wide competition to replace the Chosen. Her designs were once again quashed, this time in the Pits as her team (a nasty bunch of murderers and scoundrels who’s strongest member was kept alive through a combination of sorcery and steam power) defeated in a battle decided by the narrowest of margins.

She has been quiet since then – perhaps licking the wounds to her pride. But when El and Raven met Grandor, her interest in the Green Anchor became more clear:

“Mistress Volispula will arise from underneath the Green Anchor.”



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