Deceased - Margaret "Magpie" Fletcher

The People's Ranger


Margaret “Magpie” Fletcher is the only child of Williem and Rhae Fletcher, members of the Bowyer Guild in Port Doom. Williem was related to one of the noble houses of Port Doom, but his status was greatly diminished by the actions of his father, Lannidid, who disgraced the family by impregnating the daughter of a local barkeep. Lannidid was stripped of his title and his fortune, such as it was, and became a fletcher and bowyer. His son, Williem, continued the tradition and showed exceptional skill at the trade. Unfortunately, both Willien and Rhae died during the Silent Plague, leaving Margaret orphaned at the age of 8.

Margaret remained an apprentice bowyer for a couple of years under the tutelage of another Master Bowyer, Misha. Tragedy was to strike again. though, when Misha was killed by a swarm of Skaven thugs who caught him unawares in an alley. The ranger Merrick tried to save Misha’s life, but was unable to do so. It was then that Merrick took on Margaret as his apprentice.

Through Merrick‘s association with the Doom’s Chosen, Margaret’s horizons was widened as she came to know the myriad ways and mysteries of Port Doom. At Merrick’s side, Margaret dedicated herself to the life of the Ranger, and adopted the moniker “Magpie”, preferring it to her own name.

Her connection to the Doom’s Chosen reacquainted her with a second cousin, now known as Raven, who had chosen to abandon her connection to her noble family. Magpie remains ambivalent to the prospect of being reunited with a family that had treated her grandfather and parents so badly, but she is intrigued with Raven and cannot help wondering what life is like in the mansions of the nobility.

Magpie is friendly to most everyone, and hopes to help forge a new group with the other characters, to carry on the work of the now-lost Doom’s Chosen. She is willing to give most anyone a fair chance, unless they are bullies, seek to oppress the weak and poor, or Skaven.

Deceased - Margaret "Magpie" Fletcher

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