El (Eloise Delpine Clarint)


Eloise: Warrior
Age 17, Human Female
Background: Noble
5’4" tall
STR 14
DEX 18
CON 18
INT 17
CHA 12
AC 17
Ini +4
Spd 30
HP 14
Rapier Left
Rapier Right
Dual Wielder Feat
Two Weapon Fighting (Warrior)


So why can’t Eloise go home?

Short version:
Her life may be in danger there.

Long version:
King Seth I of Aria officially disavowed El’s father, Prince Seth II. Seth II crossed too many lines too many times. The last of straw was openly having a mistress. It was an insult to his wife, children, and the Kingdom. Family loyalty was everything to Seth I.

Seth II’s Exile
Seth II joined an adventure company days after he was disavowed. El was 10 years old (so it was 7 years ago). He left Aria, but kept in touch with some people there, especially with his wife and children. His wife was not happy with him, but divorce wasn’t a thing for Royals in Aria. She was the mother of the probable heir to the throne.

The Throne of Aria
With Seth II removed from the line of succession, El’s brother Jonathon became heir to the throne. El was second in line.

Birthright alone does not get you on the Throne of Aria. A potential ruler must pass the Trials of Ascension too. As such, Royals in Aria must be strong. Traditionally they study magic, though neither Seth II nor El did.

If it’s good enough for my Father…
Though intelligent, El found the study of magic to be a bore. She admired the martial skills of the Guards of Aria and wanted to do what they could do. El wanted to move, to get into the thick of things. She’d seen her father training with the Guards before he left. She wanted to be like him. Seth I said she had too much of her father in her, but El was proper enough to earn the King’s respect. She did not have her father’s wild streak and her mother implored the King on her behalf. She was granted the privilege of training with the Guards. El began to learn to fight with them when she was fifteen.

The Death of Jonathon
El’s story really began when her brother Jonathon died a year ago during the Trials of Ascension. The Trials are not meant to be deadly. She took his death hard, as did the King.

After her brother’s death, Seth I named El as heir. She was sixteen and when she turned seventeen she had right to challenge the Trials. If she passed the Trials she would officially be the Heir to the Throne.

The news of El’s brother’s death brought Seth II home for the first time since he left seven years before. He came home to mourn with his family. After he kidnapped her, El’s father told her he was sure that someone set her brother up to die. He didn’t believe it was the King. Though he and the King did not get along, Seth I doted on his grandchildren. What’s more it was the King who put El’s father onto the evidence of a cover-up. The King asked his son to investigate it.

El’s brother was a sorcerer-in-training and took the Trials as such. One of his spells backfired in a way that could not be explained (maybe he rolled a 1? who knows?). Experts from the College of Wizards decreed it an accident. Seth II found the explanation from the Wizards to be internally inconsistent. Seth II believed they were either covering something up or else covering their asses because they couldn’t explain what actually happened.

El Leaves Aria (though not for the first time)
After his initial investigation, El’s father kidnapped her because he didn’t want her to share her brother’s fate. El won’t go home yet because when she does she’ll be expected to stand against the Trials. It is her duty and she is of age. Seth I would demand it of her, even though he is aware of the danger.

El’s father didn’t think El should return home until they got to the bottom of the mystery. After her father’s disappearance with the adventuring company she decided to stay in Port Doom.

As long as El is away she remains the named heir, but she must be aware of agents from Aria. The King found her kidnapping objectionable. He wants her at his side, not out following her father’s footsteps.

El (Eloise Delpine Clarint)

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