Leader of the Woolly Mendicants


Now old man Dellior is the head of the Woolly Mendicants – a sect of priests with a good reputation amongst the poor and a better one with those wealthy individuals concerned with feeding said poor.

Oh, don’t get me wrong – I think Dellior means right. He certainly plays the part well, and is quite giving in his own way (especially to those ladies who might catch his eye, and who receive the “alms” he’s givin’ in a way not fit for the pews). And he’s quick to sort out the truly wicked from those with more venal sins.

For years now, Dellior has been fast friends with that Chosen, Yne O’Rhas. Word on the street – especially over near Labyrinth Street and the Maze behind it – is that he’s got a soft spot for Yne’s protege, Barakas.



Wyrd Tales in Port Doom Enkhidu